I only use 100% natural materials for my products! Reduced to a minimum amount of ingredients I can tell you exactly what your item is made of and what will arrive at your doorstep. All products are plastic free!

Find out more about the materials I use and where necessary, how to take care of them:


  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • From bulls living free on fields
  • Environment friendly production process

I only use vegetable tanned leather. This way of tanning leather is the most traditional, natural and environment friendly way of producing leather. The hides will be soaked in tannines of bark for several weeks without harming nature in the process. I buy it untreated, which makes it possible to stamp and carve the surface as well as using a finish of my choice. I did a lot of research to find a leather supplier that uses skins from bulls living free on fields. The hides are a byproduct of the meat economy, no animal is killed for it’s skin only! It is of utmost importance to me to treat natures treasure with all my respect!

As the animals live on fields, naturally occuring scars or other ‘mistakes’ may be visible on leather. In my opinion it makes the leather even more unique and is a sign of this natural material!

HOW TO TAKE CARE: Being a natural material the leather will change and darken over time to develop a beautiful and unique patina. After approximately 3 months of daily use you should treat your leather with a leather finish to keep it smooth (adjust the time accordingly if you don’t use it as much). If the leather got dirty you can wipe it with a damp cloth or a soft brush.

Water drops should always be dried off as fast as possible to avoid stains. Never dry leather in the sun or on a heater. 


  • 100% woolfelt made from organic sheeps wool (kbT)
  • Natural colour, no dye

To use 1mm thick woolfelt for my organiser inserts has proven to be a very good solution. It doesn’t fray, is therefor easy to work with and protects cards etc. perfectly. The rough surface makes sure that the insert stays in place inside the leather cover. 

Again I am very careful to use a product coming from animals that are kept in an appropraite and ethical way. The organic wool is produced in germany and fulfills all my requirements. 

HOW TO TAKE CARE: Well protected inside the leather cover, the insert won’t need lots of care. If it is necessary anyways it’s best to wash it by hand in cold water with a special wool laundry liquid (best if it contains lanolin, natural wool fat). Dry it slowly in the shade.


Yes it is and its even made in Austria! It is made of:

  • Natural rubber and 
  • Organic cotton

It feels very soft compared to standard polyester elastics and has a beautiful natural offwhite colour. The cut off bits are sealed by dipping them in hot beeswax to stop them from fraying. 

HOW TO TAKE CARE: When necessary you can easily wash the elastic with some soap and warm water. Protect the leather from water stains while doing so.


  • Beeswax
  • Almond oil
  • Cocoa butter

These three ingredients are actually all it takes to treat the surface of my leather products and could easily be used as a lipbalm instead. The amount of beeswax creates a slight protection against water as well as making the leather develop a beautiful patina over time. Cocoa butter and almond oil nurture the leather and make sure it does not get brittle over time. 

Every order receives a little heart out of these ingredients, as a little thank you, to be used for your first leather care!


  • sustainable
  • free of harmful substances
  • has already been used in ancient cave paintings
  • naturally produced from milk

It took a long time to find a white paint for my designs, just to come back to something that has already been used by our ancestors many many years ago.

I am using a casein paint powder which is made from milk. It has to be mixed with water and can be used after 12 hours. The paint is free of harmful substances in compliance with EN 71-3 und 7-9.


  • Plasticfree
  • I reuse cardbox boxes where possible
  • Smallest possible box sizes

The products are packed in paperbags closed with a linen thread and will be delivered in simple cardboards boxes, packing paper and paper sticky tape.