All designs are done by me, from first pattern to all ahnddrawn motifs (except some custom orders).

The development of a collection begins with countless sketches. As soon as I am satisfied with the motif, it will digitize the designs and, if necessary, have leather stamps made for them.

The patterns of my products are also digitized. All covers for notebooks, passports etc.are cut by hand. While accessories such as key chains etc. may be cut/hammered by using special leather punches.

Custom orders are also very welcome! Simply contact me by using the page YOUR DESIGN and I will create your personal design!


Once the pattern is cut I use water to moisten the leather.The surface absorbs the water and can be worked on with special tools. First I will trace the design on the leather. With the help of a special knife I then cut line after line. All products of the collection ‘Lederblümchen’ are cut without tracing the motif, like this each piece is unique! Once the leather is dry, the motif stays in place and the leather can be painted. The color takes 3-4h to dry, after which I can apply the homemade leather finish using pressure and heat. Like this the surface and edges of the leather will be polished and protected.

In the end the elastic or pressure studs etc. are added and turn a piece of leather into a useful accessory. 

After that everything is carefully packed and starts the journey to you!